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  1. First low-cost bariatric surgery in North Maharashtra

NASHIK: Dr Jayant Wagh of Bhagwati Institute of Gastroenterology Pvt Ltd, Nashik, performed the first low-cost bariatric surgery that is used to treat obesity and related symptoms. This is the first such surgery in north Maharashtra.

"This surgery is only for those who have tried and failed to get rid of obesity after diet therapy and exercise. Bariatric surgery is a good long-term weight loss surgery," said Dr Wagh, who had been trying to pursue this method of treating obesity since 2006, and has been trained from Pune and Delhi in primary and advanced surgery courses. On Sept 26, he performed the first bariatric surgery on a patient from Nashik Road.

Dr Wagh explained that Bariatric surgery involves removal of excess fat stores through gastric banding or through gastric by-pass surgery. Gastric banding is a reversible process wherein the band is attached to the stomach, restricting food intake due to the reduced gastric pouch. In by-pass surgery, a smaller stomach pouch is created through a stapler device and connected to the distal small intestine. "Gastric by-pass is good for type II diabetes patients. Sleeve gastrectomy is a new method- stomach capacity is reduced through stapling method," said Dr Wagh.

He performed bariatric surgery through endoscopy method without any blood loss. "The patient who weighed 105 kg came down to 95.7 kg and gradual reduction will take place. He has no weakness and is on a liquid diet now, gradually he will be given a soft diet and within a week he will start having normal diet."

The patient, Pravin Donde, while sharing his experience, said that he would kick-box, gym and do karate, but later neglected them and his weight increased. "I developed knee pain and could not even climb two steps without feeling tired, I felt lazy and always wanted to sleep. My blood pressure increased. My wife was getting treated at Bhagwati when I came to know of this surgery and decided to go for it."

Dr Wagh said that change in lifestyle modification like change in dietary pattern and increase in physical activities is very important after the surgery. His team includes dieticians and health consultants. "Bariatric surgery is not cosmetic surgery and is permanent," said Dr Wagh.

       2.  In 2002 - Did the 1st Laparoscopic Ureterolithotomy in North Maharashtra

     3. DNA PUNE – Wednesday, 17th March 2010

Doc masters skill, develops it further

Wagh performs advanced laparoscopic surgery for the first time in North Maharashtra.

An advanced Single Incision (cut) Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) with a small incision and without a port was performed for the first time in North Maharashtra by Dr Jayant Wagh, renowned Laparoscopic Surgeon at the Bhagwati Hospital in Nashik, recently.
The most advanced SILS technique came into practice in the world in May 2007. Dr Wagh has gone a step ahead by devising a modern method of incision to simplify the surgery further, particularly for the patients.
Apart from giving respite to the patients, the new incision method is cost effective. It also reduces the size of incision and thereby the post operative complexities.
Smaller incision surgeries are being devised by medical researchers, Dr Wagh's contribution to the new method has brought down the cost of laparoscopic surgery as the port is not used at all. This method involves a small incision on the skin near the umbilicus. It then inserts the instruments through the small holes taken by picking up the skin. The small cut near the umbilicus leaves a minor scar but can be hidden.
A female patient from Pune was operated for the first time using the new technique in the Nashik hospital for Cystectomy for Gall Bladder. She left hospital after a successful surgery. “In traditional surgeries, three holes are made in regions where the surgery is to take place. This leaves major scars on the body that are avoided in the new method known as sub fascial surgery” said Dr Jayant Wagh.
The post operative complexities, particularly those relating to Incisional Hernia are completely overcome in this new method. “This SILS by new method will certainly prove to be beneficial for the patients. Laparoscopic are advanced surgeries and can be used to operate almost all abdominal illnesses including cancer. The new method of port less laparoscopic surgery is skilful and requires precision. The specialised instruments are flexible and can change their shape and direction as needed during the surgery. Such an operation is a team work” said Dr Wagh.
Dr Wagh was assisted by Assistant Surgeon Dr Chitra Wagh, Dr Nagnath Latpate, Anesthetists -Dr Nilesh Tatar, Dr Vasant Bhojane and the OT staff.
The SILS, by the new method, can be used to operate Gall Bladder stones, Appendix, Hernia, Ovarian Tumors and obesity surgery among others.